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LED Light Box

Product Features:

  • Water-resistant, Weather proof. Used for outdoor.
  • Slick design. The thickness of the board is much less than normal light box.
  • Single side, Screw-lock frame. Screw-locking at only one side.
  • The box is made from aluminum alloy and it has been oxidized and it is very nice and durable.
  • It can be easily attached to the poles and install.
  • With locking facility for safety. (Optional)
  • It is easy to change pictures.
  • Work with LED lighting.
  • It works with 200 / 240 AC supply. 50/60 Hz.


  • High bright LEDs are used to backlight the board, so brightness is very high.
  • Power consumption is very low.
  • Life of LEDs are almost 50,000 working hours, which is extremely high comparing with any conventional lighting source.
  • Slick design so look wise attractive.
  • Maintenance cost very low. Trouble free operation.


  • Outdoor advertising & publicity.
  • Outdoor social events.