Indoor LED Display Boards

LED Writing Boards / LED Sparkle Boards





Display Stand                                                                                     Writing  Pens

Standard Sizes:    290 X 380 (A4), 500 X 380(A3), 500 X 680 (A2), 920 X 680 (A1)

Frame colors: Black color, Wooden effect color, White color, Silver color, Green color

Power consumption :   About 4 W

Product Features:

1. The LED Writing / Sparkle Board is an erasable fluorescent chalkboard with many modes of operation (Lighting Effects).

2. Whatever you write onto the clear acrylic surface on the face of the board is illuminated by the colorful LED technology contained within the board. For example, you can change the color of your handwriting from Red to Green to Blue, and to flashing to fade In/out to Rainbow mode to Slow RGB mode etc.

3. The board is easy to erase.

4. DC 12 V Adepter is used to power the board. You can also use anywhere ( Indoor, Outdoor or in a car) with  a DC 12V battery.

5. As LED is used as lighting source, its power consumption is very low.

Material used:

1. High quality Frame: It is made of special plastic; water resistant, durable and most important environmental friendly. The color of the frame can be as per your requirement, if order quantity is large.

2. High quality LED: It is with our advanced light-guide design to make sure the writing board illuminates through out its area. High brightness multi color LEDs are used. It is designed in such a way that it will not bend due to heat.

3: High quality Acrylic sheet: It is hard enough to make sure that it does not get scratched by repeated writing and erasing. Anti-static treatment to make sure that no dust remains inside when the LED lights on. The front panel is special Acrylic panel to facilitate its mobile use.


1. Our LED Writing Board is a fantastic vehicle for promoting your products and services.

2. It is great for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars signage use to display competitive prices, their menu and any promotional schemes.

3. It is ideal for use in Banks, Caterers, Clubs, Pubs, Casinos, Nightclubs, Cake shops, Coffee shops, Bowling alleys, Hair dressing salons, Fairs, Exhibitions, Cinemas, Malls, and so on - just about anywhere !

4. Also, it's a great gift for Children from 3-12 years old.


1. Ultra Thin and Lightweight. So easy to hang, mount on wall or put on stand.

2. Four Standard sizes are now available. However custom size can be made as per order.

3. Choices of many Dazzling Lighting effects are available by just pressing a button on the side of the frame.

4. You can write and erase with Writing board by yourself.

5. Sparkle board do not gets washed in rain.

6. It is environment friendly product as it does not have fluorescent lamps, mercury and gas based lights which may raises temperature.